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LGB eSports
LGB eSports-logo.png
Team Information
Location: Sweden Sweden
Sponsor(s): Orcbite
Game(s): CS:GO
Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Channel
Bronze.png/SF.png Fragbite/Fragbite Masters/2013
Created: 2013
Recent Player Trades: 2015-01-29 - Polly joins
2015-01-29 - ensa leaves
2014-12-29 - zEVES joins
2014-12-29 - RUBINO joins
2014-12-29 - rain joins
2014-12-29 - ensa joins
2014-12-29 - jkaem joins
2014-05-06 - olofm leaves
2014-05-06 - twist leaves
2014-05-06 - cype leaves
2014-05-06 - maxaki leaves
2014-05-06 - KRiMZ leaves

[edit] History

The 20th of June five Swedes decided to form a CS:GO team. The team consists of a mixed bunch of players, whom has their strength in different areas within the game. It is a balanced group of people, where dedication and loyalty compensates for whatever weakness the team may have. The players comes from five different Counter-Strike backgrounds with achievements as well as disappointments as part of their career, with that in mind – the team has a good solid ground, from where they will use their experience and talent to make sure victories once again can be added to merits. The team is under no illusions and knows that success does not come easy, that is why dedication, team spirit and hard work are the keywords in the team’s future development.

[edit] Timeline

[edit] 2013

[edit] 2014

[edit] News

2013-08-21: Fragbite LGB eSports vinner första MSI Beat it-förkvalet
2013-08-31: Fragbite Svenskarna lämnar Refuse

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